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Register of Products



The Essential Services Commission (the commission) is required by the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Regulations 2008 and the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (Project-Based Activities) Regulations 2017 to maintain a Register of Products.  Products listed in the register may be installed under a prescribed activity and may create Victorian energy efficiency certificates for its installation in premises in Victoria. The Register of Products provides businesses accredited to participate in the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU program), known as accredited persons (APs), with a list of all products that may be installed for each prescribed activity in the VEU program. APs can install products listed on the product register provided they are approved by the commission to undertake the activity.

To add a product to the register you are required to submit an application to the commission. Please refer to our Application Guide for Product Applicants for more information about the application process.  

Please note: the commission in no way endorses products listed on the Register of Products and will not be held liable for the failure of a product to meet claims made by the manufacturer or supplier with respect to performance, quality or safety. Users of theregister are encouraged to read the full Disclaimer.

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