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VEEC Calculator
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Important Information
Accredited Persons must ensure that the number of VEECs created for a prescribed activity is correct and in accordance with the requirements of the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Regulations 2018 (the VEET Regulations).  The Essential Services Commission (the commission) has prepared the VEEC Calculator to assist you, but you should not rely on this calculator to discharge your legal responsibilities.  The commisison does not guarantee the accuracy of the calculator.  It is up to you to verify the accuracy of your submission.

If you consider that there is an error in this calculator please notify the commission by email to:
You are advised not to rely on the number of VEECs displayed by the calculator.  The number of VEECs approved for registration may differ from that number because:
1. The calculator may be in error, or
2. The commission may receive new information.

Please note, it is not possible to calculate VEECs with respect to Schedule 11 (ceiling insulation) as the activity is currently subject to a discount factor of zero and is therefore ineligible for certificate creation.

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